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DP-Services, sets new standards in the Bangkok Property market, with the goal of expanding and providing an all-round full service which will fulfill all of your needs when it comes to moving to Thailand, with the main focus being on the Bangkok Market.

The name is set after the founder’s name David Peters. Founded in 2015 as DPBKK and finally fulfilled the registration as DP-Services in 2016.

We know the struggles of moving to Bangkok! It’s not easy to find an agent which is completely fluent in English and such a problem creates a big language barrier and more often than not, leads to misunderstandings which can be easily overcome with our highly skilled agents.

Our service is provided in German, English, and Thai languages.

Finding someone you can trust! For us, trust is the most important point of our service as without trust, a good working relationship is not possible.

Our Agents are straightforward, honest, and work solely on getting the perfect place for you based on your requirements. Moreover, we work in a manner in which no other service provider in this market works as we give genuine advice’s, and if we don’t feel the unit is good or have any other concerns, you will be the first to know.

Sometimes you need to find a condominium under a specific deadline but don’t have enough time to research. We at DP-Services need no more than 3 viewings to find you your new home; we work fast and efficient. Our service doesn’t end with just a contract signing; we are there for you till the moving is complete in order to make your transition as easy and as comfortable as possible. We assist you with any needs you might have that will help you get settled in Bangkok.


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